Testrecorder – Next Steps

After Presenting at Karlsruher Entwicklertag it is time to write a few words about the future of Testrecorder

Testrecorder is a Java tool vor recording runtime situations. Recording means, that we intercept method invocation and capture the state before and after the invocation. From this captured state we generate JUnit-tests.

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Naming of Interfaces and Implementations

Which is your naming convention for implementation classes? Do your prefer FormDataValueImpl or IFormDataValue ?

Intrinsically I should be pleased about this question – at least someone seems to care about naming conventions … but sorry, both conventions are little more than crap. Unfortunately these patterns are very popular, so my criticism will have little effect. Here you are:

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String Search in Java (using the JDK-API)

String search is a common problem, appearing every time we check that a string is contained in another. The JDK Standard API provides some basic functionality for this, yet there are more efficient algorithms for larger patterns and larger texts.

In this posting I present an overview over the string searching features of the Java API, starting with a short definition of string searching and ending with an overview of libraries that provide more features for string searching (more details will follow in later postings).

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Accessing Private Fields and Methods – XRayInterface

This posting is about accessing private fields and methods, by adopting a foreign interface to a given java class (not already implementing the given interface). Why? Yet, in my former posting about Repairing Legacy Code I mentioned the challenge of accessing hidden state (private fields) before and after method invocations.

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